Visit of the CNR President to IRBIM Messina

Visit of the CNR President to IRBIM Messina

21 Oct 2021

Yesterday evening, the President of all National Research Council of Italy (CNR) – Prof. Maria Chiara Carrozza – has visited the IRBIM institute in Messina. She gave a speech and visited the labs, and she was given an introductory presentation of IRBIM by our Director (Gian Marco Luna).

I had the pleasure – the honour, in fact – to briefly interact with the President and tell her about my main line of research in evolutionary biology.

Thanks to the President of CNR for the opportunity and for listening to me after a very long day. Special thanks also to the IRBIM Director (who’s been very kind in mentioning my research line among others in his presentation, among other things) and to the Director of the Department (Fabio Trincardi; whom I had the pleasure of interacting with and whom I found extremely pleasant to interact with).

Photo credit: Lidia Pansera

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The Director of IRBIM briefly presenting the institute
The president of CNR giving a brief speech
Carmelo Fruciano chatting with the President of CNR