Special issue of JEB on “Genetics and Genomics of Adaptation” finally out!

Special issue of JEB on “Genetics and Genomics of Adaptation” finally out!

18 Jun 2021

The special issue of the Journal of Evolutionary Biology on the topic “Genetics and Genomics of Adaptation” has been published today (it is the June issue of the journal). The special issue has been guest-edited by me, Paolo Franchini and Julia Jones.

The special issue has an interesting story – me, Paolo and Julia have organised a symposium on the same theme at the 2019 congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (one of the last big conferences in our field before the COVID pandemic). This special issue was then the logical “next step” after a (very successful and engaging) symposium.

Me, Paolo and Julia have written an Editorial, which is a sort of “mini-review” somewhere in-between classical one-page editorials and proper full-length reviews. We try to give a bit of background to the reader and also try to briefly review some areas which we think are interesting, including methodological developments, the genomic architecture underlying adaptation, coding vs regulatory evolution and parallel evolution.

The rest of the special issue is made up of a further nine diverse and interesting articles – of which one is a review, another is a methodological paper and the rest are empirical studies on all sorts of organisms. We’ve certainly been blessed with interesting contributions!

Banner photo credits: Carmelo Fruciano (Amatitlania sp.) and Julia Jones (Bombus balteatus)

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Amatitlania sp. and Bombus balteatus
Cover of the special issue of Journal of Evolutionary Biology on "Genetics and Genomics of Adaptation"