Geometric Morphometrics course completed!

Geometric Morphometrics course completed!

8 Apr 2022

The 5th edition of my course in Geometric Morphometrics (organized by the German company Physalia Courses) has just finished.

It has been a very nice edition with a small but very engaged group of participants from all continents except Antarctica. Interests of participants included areas as diverse as mammalian, invertebrarte, and fish evolution, anthropology and others.

As every year, participants could attend lectures, follow practicals and have one-on-one meetings with me to get customised suggestions on their data and research.

For general information on geometric morphometrics, please see the page on geometric morphometrics on this website.

For general information on this course, this website also has a page on my course on Geometric Morphometrics.

The geometric morphometric course page on the Physalia Courses website contains valuable information on this year’s course program.

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