7th edition of the Geometric Morphometrics course completed

7th edition of the Geometric Morphometrics course completed

13 Apr 2024

The seventh edition of the Geometric Morphometrics course, organized by the German company Physalia Courses and with Carmelo Fruciano as the sole instructor, has been successfully completed. This course, designed to cover the quantitative analysis of form, has once again been a testament to Carmelo’s dedication to advancing the field through education.

Carmelo provided a learning experience blending theoretical knowledge with practical skills. The approach  followed ensured that participants from various areas of biological research, as well as different levels of prior knowledge of the subject (from beginner to intermediate) could be exposed complex concepts and apply them to their research.

Looking ahead, Carmelo anticipates giving future courses with the aim to inspire and educate and looks forward to seeing the participants of this year’s course applying to their own research the techniques they have learned!

For general information on geometric morphometrics, please see the page on geometric morphometrics on this website.

This website also has a page on my course on Geometric Morphometrics.