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Anna Stępień


University of Lodz

Adjunct (Assistant Professor/Lecturer) – University of Lodz
I am a taxonomist studying a marine group of crustaceans – Tanaidacea. I work as an adjunct at the Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Hydrobiology at University of Lodz (Poland).
The subject of my study: tanaids are small (about 5 mm) animals, burrowing in the bottom of the sea or building tubes from grain of sand. They can occur in high densities in particular habitats, thus are an important part of benthic communities.
Currently I am working on the family Leptocheliidae collected from Australian coral reefs. Identification of members of the family causes lots of dificulties mainly due to high polimophism of characters and sexual dimorfism. Species delimitation requires modern methods. One of these is geometric morphometrics, which I will learn in Fruciano’s lab.